A do it yourself bed liner makes sense in several ways. My sons recently installed a paint on liner on a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Pickup. Like many old trucks, spray on bedliner truck bed was rusty, scratched, and in bad need of some attention. With a new coating the truck looks far better. Here are a few tips that make installing a liner the right choice.

Tip 1 – Save big.

You can save several hundred dollars installing a bed liner yourself. Maybe that’s the number one reason to do this project. A liner you install yourself looks very much like a professional liner, but it costs a whole lot less. Is it right for your truck?

Tip 2 – Which trucks?

A do it yourself liner is a huge improvement for older trucks with beat up beds. It’s not such a good choice for a late model truck. Here’s why. A professional liner is far thicker and more durable than a paint on liner. For a newer truck, the pro liner is a better choice because of that long term durability. For an older truck, who can justify spending big money just on the bed?

Tip 3 – Great Looks.

Truck bed paint can make an older truck bed look almost like new. It’s really amazing how much a paint on coating looks like a professional liner. It’s not as thick, but it has that same texture finish and hides all the old damage too. It’s a real cosmetic improvement.

Tip 4 – Protection.

A bed coating helps to stop bed scratches and scrapes. The texture in the paint makes it more skid resistant and adds a little cushioning too. The paint you apply is repairable too. So if you get your new liner scratched and damaged, you can apply more paint and dress it up again.

Tip 5 – Choose the Right Stuff.

You can choose from several different bed paint choices. We used PlastiKote and our neighbor chose Herculiner. There are a couple of other brands too. Application is either with a spray gun or with a roller or a brush. Using a roller produces a finish that looks like it was sprayed on. Each different paint has certain advantages.

A do it yourself bed liner makes a lot of sense. You can save money while you get a truck that looks better and stays that way. Application is just about like any other painting project. There are some differences in the paint available though. So compare paints to get what’s best for you.