Anal beads (анальные шарики) are an essential addition to your ass play repertoire. Why are anal beads so great, you ask? I’ll tell you, but come closer… it’s a secret…. If you SLOWLY pull out your anal beads right when orgasm approaches, not only will your neighbors hear your screams of joy, but you will likely register a blip on the radar of passing UFOs. That’s right! Your orgasm will be so amazing Aliens will change their course and head directly for your bedroom. Once there, they will further probe your ass with their own super-high-tech anal probing devices, which will again send you into a mind blowing orgasm, that will attract another Alien ship to your bedroom…. Let me just say the entire universe will be lined up in your bedroom ready to learn the secret of your amazingly intense orgasms so they can spread your orgasmic wisdom throughout the entire universe. You will be an inter-galactic super hero worshipped on planets far, far away! (Shhh… it’s a secret.)

Featuring 8 flexible and soft beads, the Jumbo Jelly Thai Anal Beads are 12 inches of anal bead ecstasy. Made out of a soft pliable jelly-like material the Jumbo Jelly’s will test your pleasure limits. Pipedream Products Jelly Anal Beads are perfect entry level anal beads. With four graduating beads, these beads will easily give you the climax that your looking for. If your ready to try something a a little hard, try these plastic anal beads on a string. Their solid construction won’t give under pressure, no matter how tight your contractions are. The string is securely attached to an O ring for an easy to remove pleasure experience.