It’s a whole lot of fun to plan a baby shower when you know what sex the baby is. This is so as you can select a specific theme and plan everything around it. Baby boys allow the possibilities for many themes, colors, favors, and game ideas, which everyone will absolutely love. Baby showers for boys can easily be adapted to a shower for co-eds, and allow you to plan activities for women as well as men. If you will be having a baby boy or planning a boy baby shower, you will first have to select a theme so your imagination can get the best of you later on.


If you want a jungle theme think of something similar to Tarzan – bright colors, silly animals, and an atmosphere that is very lively. Your decorations should comprise of a lot of stuffed animals and fake trees and the tables should be covered with fabric with animal print. You should serve a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits along with the normal snacks but everything should be given a name that is exotic to make it sound like jungle food. Make a green punch and place dried ice in it in order to make it look like a swamp in the jungle. The games you play should involve animals like a game of matching where the guests will have to match the animal with the name of the baby. For instance, kangaroo matches with joey. Or you can play games in which the animals gestation period will have to be guessed and whoever correctly guesses the most will win.


You can also have a jungle boys with a sports theme. It can be just one sporting game or a combination of many sports. Use sports items for babies like softballs and other toys as the centerpieces. Play sports related games, like matching popular sports stars with their children’s names and birth dates. For favors you can give out mini trophies and gift certificates for a sports store or tickets to a football game or other sporting event. Also, you can serve cookies and cupcakes which are decorated with football, baseball, or basketball.

The Great Outdoors

You can also have a baby shower that has an outdoors theme such as hunting or fishing. Fishing poles may be hung on the walls and items like socks, hats, and baby one piece outfit may be strung on a line. The tables can be covered with camouflage material and netting. Baby bottles may be filled with goldfish crackers and given out as favors. The centerpiece can be fish bowls filled with toy or real fish. Try to play some shooting games as oppose to the usual pin the tail. Play a game of shoot the diaper with the pins. In this you will have guests use darts to shoot at a baby on a poster wearing a diaper. They should try to get the dart where the diaper pin should be.

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