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Bahamas Luxury Real Estate offers you the tools needed to accomplish and maintain the ideal property that meets all your needs. And top-notch staff and experienced property managers believe in a direct, personalized, hands on, team approach to all property development projects. Their commitment to the customer begins with the screening and referral of potential buyers and contractors. From there, they strive to create an atmosphere of trust and open communication that will benefit the buyer, the contractor, Bahamas luxury real estate and ultimately the community. Whether you are looking for an exquisite ocean view villa or luxurious oceanfront condominium, they can help you every step of the way.

For years, Caribbean property was little more than a boat ride away from civilization. Now it’s one of the fastest growing areas in the country for luxury real estate. Some communities have already been built and for others, construction is underway. In Nassau County alone, almost three thousand new luxury homes are coming online this year. Many of these homes are being planned for environmentally friendlier, sustainable design, which makes them a smart investment as we move into the future.

Planning for the future of waterfront living should be a top priority in all areas of Bahama real estate. As sea level rises, more waterfront property will become available at bargain prices. We are seeing this trend start in the Eastern Shore of Florida, but already properties in Nassau County are selling faster than ever. The Eastern Seaboard is also expected to experience an increase in building as well as sales due to rising sea levels. As a result, the luxury real estate market in Nassau County will continue to expand at a steady rate.

Throughout the Bahama Islands there are two primary regions of growth. These areas are seeing a tremendous amount of growth and some communities are in serious danger of becoming obsolete. The North Sound is quickly being outmoded by waterfront communities like Turtle Point and Pinellas. These communities are now seeing a migration of retirees who are flocking for cheaper, higher quality housing. Pinellas is also seeing a rapid surge in residential development as well as hotel projects.

For buyers interested in Bahama luxury real estate, the best time to purchase is now. The demand for real estate in Nassau County is incredible, especially right now when the economy is recovering and home values are on the rise. If you are looking to purchase luxury real estate in Nassau County now, your selection is endless. From ocean front homes in Long Beach to exclusive condominiums in Manhattan Beach, there is something for everyone’s budget and taste.

For many people buying luxury real estate in Nassau County is the next step in the process of living in paradise. Living in paradise comes at a price though, so be prepared to part with some money. Many first time home buyers fall into the trap of using real estate investment companies to finance their purchase, but it is important to remember that these types of loans come with high interest rates and prepayment penalties. Make sure you do your research and understand all the terms and conditions of the loan before signing or before you close on any type of sale.