Considering the realities that Spanish is the most used language within the U.S. next to English, and that there is a myriad of diverse media available in Spanish in practically all over boronia country and now the internet, learning Spanish ought to be a lot easier than many people conceive it to be.

Why do people still find speaking Spanish as difficult as they do? Maybe, the teachers tend to treat it like the rest of the subjects like arithmetic and Science and leave it to be handled only in class hours. The challenge with that would be that Spanish being a language, the one way to learn it correctly is to have yourself immersed in it, as you did in English.

Learning Spanish can be achieved by starting small. Tune to Spanish radio station in your car, make a CD or create a play list on your i Pod completely of Spanish songs. Play and have fun with that during the trip, your exercise class or your relaxing time at the end of the day. Totally submerge yourself in Spanish music. Next, replace the news which you watch. After your CNN, change over to the channel with Spanish news. You could even check out CNN Espanol in case you receive it? Gradually get used to the everyday intonation and pronunciation of Spanish by observing the native speakers. Once you’re accustomed to following the news in Spanish, make a switch to Spanish newspapers too.

Have you noticed the progress you’ve made? Without single text book in the picture, you are able to listen, view and even read Spanish.

Don’t stop there! Extend this to watching your movies. Pick up a Spanish movie at least once a week in your favorite genre or by the director of your preference and watch it a couple of times with and then without subtitles. It is a good idea to invite a Spanish speaking friend to watch along so that they can answer your questions.

Immersion is the way to go for learning Spanish.