Any type of building, whether it is an industrial or commercial building, or even a residential home, requires proper systems for bringing in clean water and getting rid of waste. Appliances which use water like sinks, water fountains or toilets can get blocked from time to time due to various reasons.

Blocked toilets are a big nuisance and are very inconveniencing and it is important to have them unclogged as soon as possible. You can always try to unblock the toilet on your own but if your efforts do not work, then you will need to call in a plumber.

Flushing Problem

When your toilet will not flush, your biggest worry would be that the toilet will overflow. In order to avoid the toilet overflowing, you need to remove the lid of the toilet and close the toilet flapper.

This will ensure that water does not flow into the toilet bowl from the toilet tank. You can also decide to close the jasa sedot wc jakarta utara that brings in water into the toilet tank, and this handle is normally found behind the toilet near the floor.

Clearing The clog

It is always a good idea to prepare properly before working on blocked toilets. You can cover the floor with paper towels or newspapers since the floor is bound to get wet and dirty. You can also wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from germs that are present in water which may splash from the toilet. Open the windows so that you do not feel suffocated from the bad smell coming from the toilet.

You can then check whether you are able to see what is clogging the toilet. If you can see it, then you should reach out for it and pull it out. If on the other hand you cannot see the obstruction, then you should use a plunger that is of high quality.

Using A Plunger

The plunger that you use should make a proper seal so that you will be able to pull out the blockage. It is best to use rubber plungers that are heavy duty rather than the small suction cup plungers which may be unable to do the job. In order to get a good seal, you can ran hot water on the plunger to soften it. You can also use a rag round the plunger to get rid of any leaks and make a good seal.

You should ensure that the plunger is under the water and that it covers the entire hole. You can then pump the plunger continuously and forcefully up and down. You may need to repeat this for sometime, and you can flush after several tries to see whether the toilet has unblocked.

Plumbing Snake

It may take more than a plunger to unclog blocked toilets. If you find that you are unable to unclog the toilet, you can call in a plumber. A plumber will normally use a tool known as a plumbing snake to get rid of the blockage in your toilet.