A car rental, short-term car rental, or auto hire service is a business which rents out cars for short periods of time, usually ranging from a couple of days to a week. The car rental services available are classified under budget, premium, and hybrid car rental services. Budget car rental services are the basic offering offered by car rental companies. These usually have very limited models and with a low price tag as well. Budget car rental services can be a good option if you need the basic car at a cheaper rate and do not require any bells and view page.

Apart from the basic car rental service, there are other services available such as car rental insurance, leasing, and roadside assistance for renter. Insurance is an important factor in the rental process. If the rental vehicle is damaged in some way and the insurance policy of the car rental service does not cover the cost, the renter has to foot the bill. If there is no insurance coverage and the rental vehicle is damaged and needs repairs, then the renter will have to foot the bill. Therefore, it is advisable to go in for an insurance policy before renting the vehicle.

Leasing is another popular car rental service method. In this case, the rental company agrees to let the renter to use their vehicle for a specific period during a certain period of time at a fixed rate. It could be for one day or for a month. These services are known as add-on services.

Rental companies also provide services for social media usage and the like. In order to promote the business, many car rental service providers rent out vehicles with social media programs installed and allow the users to share photos, videos, music, and text messages on the social media applications installed in the car. This helps the small business owners attract new clients while promoting their businesses. However, this kind of marketing strategy backfires when the car rental business owner uses his personal car for the purpose of advertising the business. Since the car rental company owns the car and the license to drive it, this could constitute as a sort of work from home scheme for the car rental business owner.

Some rental companies provide additional services that can be enjoyed by the customers apart from the basic booking procedure. Many companies allow the customers to make appointments online for pickup or delivery of the cars. The customer doesn’t need to get out of the house and book an appointment at the rental desk. He just logs in on the website, makes a reservation online and picks the car up at the destination specified by the customer.

All these services help the car rental agencies to earn more revenue. However, there are some car rental services that charge extra for some of these additional services. Before renting, it is advisable to check with rental service providers whether they charge extra for booking through the website or booking through a mobile phone. This will help you avoid overpaying for these services.