Commercial vertical platform lifts help mobility impaired individuals to access the different floors of commercial establishments in a safe and convenient manner. These lifts are ideal for use in churches, hospitals, offices, care homes, schools, libraries and many other commercial settings.

Vertical Platform Lifts Available In a Variety of Models

These lifts are available in a variety of models including open and closed configurations. They can be installed indoors, outdoors, self-supported or in a hoist-way. These lifts for commercial utilization are obtainable in two operational modes namely hydraulic and electrical models. Hydraulic models are much more expensive and durable. Electrically operated models are provided with battery backups and therefore can be used even during power outages.

Designed With Superior Safety Measures

These mobility devices come with superior safety features for providing smooth and safe access to the users. The Manufacturing and Electrical Platform Design include:

• Anti-skid flooring
• Emergency alarm
• Under-platform obstruction sensors
• Emergency stop button
• Final limit switch
• Manual lowering device
• Key lock controls

Many of the features included in the lifts can be customized according to the exact requirements of the users. Another significant advantage of these platforms lifts is the unique compact design, which enables to lift a person comfortably seated in a wheelchair.

Choose a Reliable Dealer

Always choose a trustworthy dealer, who can give you products from leading manufacturers to suit your requirements. Leading among the manufacturers that provide commercial vertical platform lifts are Savaria Concord and ThyssenKrupp Access. A good dealer can provide you with sufficient warranty, and simple installation and maintenance services at reasonable charges.

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Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts