The author, David Hoffmeister, does a great job of explaining the physiological and spiritual basis of chiropractic care, and the benefits that chiropractic care can provide to our health and our lifestyles. As a result, David Hoffmeister has created an excellent package that is easily understandable and will serve as a good introduction a course in miracles podcast for many readers who are looking for a new vision of their lives and the future they may have. This is a great book for those who have always been interested in chiropractic care, but who may be uncertain about its effectiveness, or who have been looking for a different perspective on life. Many people who read A Course in Miracles will find a new and helpful perspective on life, and will understand how this revolutionary belief system can help them to live more fully and joyously. And many who will benefit from this book will also find their lives transformed dramatically as a result.

A Course in Miracles by David Hoffmeister is a quick read and will give people who are considering chiropractic care an overview of the philosophy and the practice through its illustrations and examples. This is a great book for those who are already familiar with chiropractors, but who may be interested in giving this alternative method of medicine a try. Those who are still unsure about the benefits of this type of medicine, but who are curious about its potential to transform their lives, will appreciate A Course in Miracles. And those who are tired of the way modern medicine tends to treat physical problems may find a new way of thinking about the way they live, and will benefit from this excellent and enlightening book.

The Message of a Master by David Hoffmeister is written as a guide to manifesting for both the past and the future. It discusses many topics like; relationships, money, prosperity, healing, the self and others. In this e-book we learn that a master has the ability to focus time and space, perception, intuition and many more things that are necessary in order to manifest their desires.

Many messages before this one were not oriented to the humans on this planet. They were oriented more towards helping people who already had those abilities. This book explains how to use those talents to create wealth and abundance in your life now. By learning these skills you will be able to apply them in your life so that you can start bringing abundance into your lives. It explains why you are here, how you can become successful and finally fulfill all of your deepest dreams.

The power of this book is found in the statement “all of your dreams can come true”. It gives a very strong emphasis on personal responsibility. It teaches you to use time management and apply time wisely. It teaches you how to invest your time wisely – like putting money into a savings account, a retirement fund or investing in real estate. The bottom line is that if you control your mind and put your energy into making positive choices in your life then nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Some of the things that we find in the Message of a Master are; to invest time in making wise choices and to never give up. When we read this book we can learn to use the power of positive thinking to attract abundance into our lives. It helps us to create balance in our lives and when we are balanced we know that we are attracting all things that are right for us. If you have been looking for a program that gives you step by step instructions on how to attract money, love and happiness into your life here is your chance.