Technology employed in every sector of life has made this world a global village today. Journeys between two countries which used to take days to get over are a matter of just a few hours now on account of excellent transportation facilities. Mobile phones are one amongst all these wonders of science. Contemporary man cannot imagine life without mobile phones. They have become a part of every individual’s life. Whether it is a school going child or a mere auto-rickshaw puller, cellular phones have found a place Love Shayari every man’s pocket!

The rate at which mobile phone services have progressed couldn’t even be thought of a few years back. A few years back mobile phone was a device meant to make or receive phone calls over a wide range of area. Today, the meaning and reason for using a cell phone has changed immensely. It is not just about making and receiving phone calls anymore. Mobile phone companies along with the network companies have services such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications like Bluetooth, business applications, gaming and photography to offer. Text messaging which has become an integral part of every single youngster’s life today is just one service amongst all the above.

Text messaging has gained immense popularity over the years. It is the most commonly used data application on mobile phones. The scheme of free text messages in bulk further increased the rate at which text messages were being sent initially. Text messages no longer remained restricted to exchange of mere written messages but even videos and images. A time came when messages sent to a particular number was shown on television a while later. With the popularity of text messaging emerged the desire to make it more interesting. Eventually, ready-made messages of all types in all possible languages flooded the markets. Today, there exists a huge collection of ready-made short messages for every occasion, festival, event and reason. Whether the requirement be that of a birthday SMS or mere best wishes to a close friend, there is a message available in the form of booklets or in the internet for every mood and occasion.

Mobile companies have made things even easier for the public by introducing variety of message services like Birthday SMS, shayari, jokes, diet SMS and many more which when activated would deliver the kind of message demanded to the customer every day for a month. Therefore, one need not even search the internet or the bookstore for a particular kind of message! All you need to do is demand and the service is right there.