New Zealand is currently a burgeoning gaming market. Millions of residents take part in some form of gaming activity everyday, and the population of recreational teawgun players has been growing rapidly over the course of recent years. While the land-based gaming market is seeing a great deal of growth, so is the online casino market. However, the laws managing online gaming in New Zealand can be quite complex, so here is a brief breakdown of legality of online gaming in the country

New Zealand’s online gaming laws are regulated under the Gaming Act 2003, along with all the forms of gaming in the country. Up until 2003, online gaming was not regulated by any laws, so the legislation is still quite new and residents believe you will still find some kinks to work through.

According to the Act, remote interactive gaming is disallowed. This applies in order to gaming that is organized or conducted within New Zealand. Offshore operators can face fees for offering their services to residents of the country, but few have been prosecuted by local authorities. Some local online gaming operators are able to offer their services online, including TabCorp, a gaming agent which has a near-monopoly on gaming in Australia and New Zealand.

The advertisement of offshore online casinos is also disallowed. Therefore, gaming companies which are not situated in New Zealand may not advertise their services to residents. This includes sports sponsorships and television adverts, as well as in-print and online advertisements.

Recognizing that New Zealanders are keen to take part in online gaming, the us government has decided to allow some forms of online wagering to happen. It has recently been decided that players would be allowed to play the local lottery online. NZ Lotto has launched a unique online gaming website, so that players can purchase all sorts of lottery products online. The website even offers online bingo and keno, exacerbating kids of choices that players have when it comes to gaming legally online. NZ Lotto’s website is a huge step of progress for the country’s online gaming market; however, residents would still like to have more choice when it comes to playing casino games online.

There are some exclusions to the rules, however. The new Zealand government has stated that some cases of online gaming that may be disputed. Therefore, the local gaming commission it is fair to assess these situations on a case-by-case basis to ensure that players and operators around the world are receiving fair and safe treatment in the online gaming world.