Poker Production has again exceeded itself by bringing up a new twist in their NBC show Poker after Dark. The show will Poker95 in their newest episode a new theme called Railbird Heaven wherein poker players will be going to play high stakes poker in a span of two weeks.

Poker after Dark has gathered some of the most celebrated live game players in the poker record, and also the man that has been performing well in the online poker arena. They will be place in a very unusual cash game where they had to buy in a minimum of $100,000 and must not exceed $250,000.

Surely top poker player Phil Ivey will be in the game due to high stakes that it features. He will be joined by other poker’s finest like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Patrick Antonius and Gus Hansen.

Another player who will participate in this event has made his mark in online poker. Tom Dwan is an online poker pro, and has been doing well in view of the fact that he has moved to the live poker games. But in line with Poker after Dark’s episode he will be challenging the best poker players.

The PAD episodes this week so far have shown some peculiar bets by these players. There have been proposition bets that have moved the games along when they started to get boring. At one point, the group played a hand blind, and Negreanu suggested they should do it every hour. Ivey replied by saying they should do it every couple of minutes.

The poker show runs on NBC nightly at 2:05 AM. Every Saturday of the week, a director’s cut of the weeks prominent actions will be shown. Negreanu, Ivey, and Hellmuth have levelled up the action with their prop bets, and the world is waiting to see the outcome in the next three episodes.