Have you ever purchased something that just plain makes you happy each and every time you use it?? Last week I was out in the hills of Fort Mohave, Arizona just tooling around looking for some spots to do a little concentrating in….(Not that kind of concentrating! It’s a gold prospecting term for classifying dirt) anyway, I digress, its starting to get dark and as I come out of the mountain range I can see the Colorado river winding its way past the bright lights of Laughlin, Nevada in the distance, so I pulled over on the trail to just sit back on the seat of my fuel injected pony and thought about the ol’ gold miners making their way around this vast and rugged area and wondered how they did it. They must have been loaded to the hilt with food, water, supplies and a mule or two to haul it all around in…brutal!! How long would it take to get the ten or so miles from where I’m sitting right now, down to the Colorado polaris sportsman 450 top speed river to re-supply your water or even into the nearest town (probably Oatman) for food and such.

Meanwhile I’m thinking the ride I have in front of me right now to get back into town, isn’t nearly long enough, the sun having just went down beyond the mountain range to the west of me and I know I can still make it back before I have to turn on my headlights, so I decided to just sit back and admire this fine machine. Its 760cc’s of liquid cooled, four stroke, all wheel drive, electric start power, I’ve got a brush guard, a winch, a tow hitch and enough storage for all my gear and then some with the various cargo boxes I’ve added over the years, including a custom rack I built to fit into the trailer hitch that holds my drwasher.

You know it’s good when you just sit on the thing and put your hands on the grips and it all feels perfect…like an extension of yourself, very comfortable, very fluid. My quad is an 06 purchased brand new and I still have the original tires and battery and its never….let me repeat that….NEVER… failed to start or get me where I want to go, when I’m not using it I have it hooked up to a solar panel to keep the battery topped off and when I am using it I don’t worry about where I have to go, it has more “guts” than I do!!

So as I sat there admiring the sunset, the dead silence of the desert and my quad, I thought about how much freedom and happiness this machine has brought me over the past five years and thinking that the price tag was worth every penny!! Now does the type of machine your thinking of or the size of the engine really make a difference if it gets you out there to your Shangri-La? (Not really, unless you are fifty miles off road and a guy in overalls named “Bubba” is chasing you on his 250cc…That’s where some horsepower would really come in handy!!) but since I can only speak of which I own, I can gladly give the Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI…top honors as one of the best toys I have EVER purchased…period.

Like most of you out there reading this review I have to work a lot so I don’t get the chance to ride as often as I would like, but when I do…It just can’t be beat!!