The latest studies have shown that poker online Indonesia are an increased number of individuals diagnosed with ADD. However, I believe there is a different form of ADD for Techie Addicts. Not all Techie Addicts suffer from this disorder.

I am an engineer, a “Techie Addict” since back in the days when Atari came out. I am on the computer approximately 16-18 hours a day. I live just a few minutes away from my office. At the end of the day, I go home and have 2 of my laptops on my bed. I basically work on my business and do online non-profit work until I drift asleep.

People ask me, “Do you have ADD”? Absolutely not. There are certain tasks while doing engineering work which requires my undivided attention. However, there are other tasks which can be done simultaneously with others. I am disciplined enough to determine which tasks require my undivided attention. Also, I do not have TADD. My time spent on the computer or iPhone is productive time. I no longer play video games. My only vice is online poker which I only play approximately once a month.

Due to the latest advances in technology, my mind can be utilitized every minute of the day. Thanks to my iPhone, while I am at the dentist, or working out on the stepmill, I can check my emails which include reading up on information regarding the stock market, software development and the latest technologies.

It also gives me the opportunity to reach out and help others whether they reside in the local area or are as far away as the UK or Indonesia.

With the use of the internet, some people have become more open to networking with others. Think of it – donations to non-profits have increased by well over 1000 % (yes, that is one thousand percent) ever since donations were made available on the internet. On Facebook, there are more than 300 million registered users, while online dating has become the norm in meeting new potential mates.

However, there is a vast amount of time wasted on the internet. The many benefits include the fact that in most situations, it is free, more cost effective than a night out.

In order to determine whether you have Technology Attention Deficit Disorder, ask yourself these questions. (If you answer “yes” to at least one, start thinking about a solution):

  1. Ignore your family/children due to an increased amount of time on Facebook or the internet.
  2. Play video games online for countless hours when you should be doing something else more important.
  3. Perform a search on the internet – then go off on a tangent and start reading up on basket weaving which had nothing to do with your original search!
  4. Spend more time on the internet than interacting with others.

To recover from Technology Attention Deficit Disorder, I highly recommend you try out the following:

  1. Cut back on the number of hours you are on the internet. (If you want, I can forward you an application I developed which will shut down your computer and say it will self-destruct after an hour if you do not shut it off)
  2. Include a “To Do” List of productive things to do on the internet, for example, paying bills and shopping. This will help you avoid falling into the blackhole of the internet.
  3. Try to help one person online every day. This will also give you a great sense of accomplishment because you are paying it forward. I sometimes go through my friends status on Facebook to see if they need any help with anything or I offer them free advice.

In summary, life is too short. Do not waste time telling me on Facebook you are heading to Costco or you have reached a particular level on a Facebook game. Spend time telling me on Facebook who you helped today and how much you enjoyed spending time with your friends and family. Remember, your computer will not be at your funeral.