Poker is a great game and you may ask yourself one day, “Should I go pro?”. Before you decide to go pro, you need to leave your options open if poker doesn’t work out immediately. BambuQQ kids are dropping out of school to pursue a career in poker. I believe everyone should finish school and leave themselves options. Going pro is a very stressful time for a poker player as it places extra pressure to win. There are going to be many times in your poker career when you have a bad downswing and can’t win a single hand. There are times when you simply need some time away from the game to gather your thoughts. Getting a post secondary education gives you the option to get a job and play poker at the same time. If you become a great poker player and can support yourself, you still have the option of working a well paying job.

The poker lifestyle portrayed on television is very superficial. The life of a poker player is not as glamorous as it may appear. Most times poker players will be sitting at a table for very long periods of time with little or no money being won. Poker is a game of patience and controlled emotion. Going pro puts extra pressure on you to perform and win everyday. Sometimes you will hit a bad run of cards and you will lose a lot. Winning doesn’t happen because you want it to happen. You win in poker when you are more skilled than your opponent. There are a lot of great poker players in the world and you may become one of them. Try not to put yourself in a situation where you need to make money at the poker tables. Work on getting another stream of income and your poker game will improve dramatically. The best way to play poker occurs when you don’t really care about the money. The best poker players play for the love of the game. Get yourself set up with some other type of income and work towards your poker goals.