Are there the playing fix? Do you have that over unity magnetic attraction to playing that arises every time you have money? Does this attraction drive you to superslottour spend all your extra cash… and your bill money? Has your phone or hydro been cut off? Did you lose your house because you spent your mortgage money on playing? Be careful… playing can be fatal!

Playing can lead to many unsavory things. People who gamble usually lie continuously. They lie to their spouses, their parents, their kids and their friends about how they spent their money. They will exaggerate about how much things cost. People who gamble will make every justification to the phone company, hydro company, or even the bank as to why they can pay their bill when it is due. They are really good at coming up with sob stories praying this will purchase them some time. Time enough to gamble some more and hopefully win enough money-back to cover their bills. If you’re a gambler, eventually you will come to an end of excuses. People won’t believe your sob stories. And what will you do then?

Thinking about never being able to gamble again can be gloomy, because it is the only thing that generally seems to make you happy. You adore playing but you have to admit it’s destroying your life. You miss time from work because you skip work to gamble. You may even lose your job! What do you do now! With no job you still cannot gamble. Now the depression sets in because you still cannot enjoy the only thing that made you happy. What do you do now?

You begin to think about all the money you lost. You also begin to think about the friends you lost. You may even lost your family! The truth begins to sink in. You have sunk to the bottom! The depression worsens. Now you are feeling suicidal. So now the question is: do you do it or not? Do you just end it? Maybe everyone would be better off without you! You feel like such a screw-up anyhow. This is how your playing fix can become fatal!

At this point you can succumb to these feelings or you can turn your life around. You’ve still got the option. Don’t end your life. Stay for awhile. There are many steps to overcome this depression and your playing habit. You can go for counseling or join a 12 Steps program. Start to read Self-Help books. Learn how to meditate. Incorporate positive affirmations into your life. Journal every day. If you put as much energy into becoming well as you did into playing, you will overcome this addiction.