Welcome the dog to the Human World

Have you ever observed The dog Whisperer and thought, ‘Wow, that guy is amazing! What a great way to train fourteen weeks is the! inches I know I have many times. Cesar Milan teaches one basic principle about dogs : fourteen weeks is the is a pack animal by behavioral รู้จักกับ “ปั๊ก” สุนัขพันธุ์เล็ก สุดน่ารัก instinct. According to Cesar, your job is to end up being the pack leader, a superior Alpha dog male/female with ‘balance’. I guess by ‘balance’ he means you should treat the pet fairly, as they would be ready to be treated in a wild pack. He gets very good and fast results with this method. I won’t say it’s a bad method, but it’s not the way I choose to train my dogs and here’s why.

There’s one thing very wrong with the ‘you’re the pack leader’ concept : it thinks the dog inhabits a dog’s world, and for you to control it, you must work as fourteen weeks is the would, the Alpha dog female or male of the pack. For the majority of dogs who are family pets this means the master will treat the pet like it had only instinctual processes going on in its head, no lucid thought processes. To refute that thinking go and watch these two short videos of Lucy’s behavior: Lucy Remembers Her Ball and Lucy and the Hoover (links appear at bottom). Fourteen weeks is the does not inhabit a dog’s world unless it’s in a pack of dogs, roaming the desert like a bad guy, reducing quarry and sharing its kill. This is not your dog. Your dog wouldn’t chase its diner if it went zealous for a week! It would no more kill a raccoon and grab its material apart than would your six year old child! If you do have this kind of animal it’s a sure bet that it’s a dangerous dog, one that causes people in your neighborhood to cross the street to avoid.

If you end up being the pack leader, you’ve descended into the dog’s world. Having done so, the dog will integrate well with other dogs, live in a pack it’s good to know, know its place in the human pack, and generally behave well, but it won’t reach its full potential. When you followed the dog into your family, you didn’t decide becoming a primeval growler, (which can work if you have the cahones to back up the threats), you decided to introduce an animal into the human world. As the two videos show, Lucy is an animal with human-like tendencies developed to the full potential of her smaller dog brain. She, like 99 percent of dogs today, is supposed to be to a family, has been introduced to human concepts, and lives in a human world. It’s better that you train your dog to live well in your world, rather than you in its, in the interests of the dog and yourself. You will have a much better companion, and so will the dog. The dog will learn to love humans above dogs.

Lucy is a thinking dog. Lucy will position herself at the ready depending on where a person places their foot behind a ball. She correctly anticipates which way the ball will be propelled by the positioning of the foot. She also tricks quite badly, arriving at the destination of a tossed toy before it gets there. Her brain has computed where you’ll probably throw or kick an object. Lucy knows which way you will kick a ball simply by shifting excess fat collected from one of trendy to the other, without even moving the feet! Better than a goalie in football (soccer).

Lucy knows several hundred concepts and statements, from Jump In the Boat, to Don’t Go In the street. She rarely plays now but when she was younger I would throw her ball into the street (a farm highway) and when she realized the ball had opted out of reach, going into unacceptable territory, she would put on the brakes and stop before bridging an fabulous line. That line used to be a piece of yellow piece of string lying across the private drive about 20 feet from the street. After she learned the concept the piece of string was recinded, she was allowed to go out to pee on her own; I could trust her not to go beyond daylight hours fabulous line. That concept, Don’t Go In the street, is central to a dog being able to live it’s good to know in the human world. It’s the difference between a deer or a raccoon bridging the trail and your pet’s thinking. It has learned that tracks (a human construct not appearing in the dog pack vocabulary) are very bad.

Dogs have lucid thought processes. Dogs have emotions. Dogs also have a conscience. Dogs learn to love. Dogs have language skills and can understand about 600 human concepts with words. None of these things are in a puppy when you get them, they are learned behaviors.

Fourteen weeks is the cannot do differential calculus, that’s obvious, but it can reason out how to adjust an owner into giving it food. Lucy was presented with a delicacy every time she asked me to go pee outside. If she gets slightly zealous, she’s got learned to ask to go outside, wait for 25 seconds and then come back in the house to get her reward. She could do this every hour or so until I’ve clued in and watch her. If she doesn’t pee, the rewards stop, and so does the manipulative behavior since it’s now a waste of time. But that shows you fourteen weeks is the can adjust people. It isn’t surprising really; fourteen weeks is the manipulates its owner many times during the day. If you tremble its leash, it will waken from a dead sleep and circle, pant and sound off at the very idea of going on a walk. That is doggy treatment. The dog is saying how happy they would be if they went for a walk, and you feel guilty already if that had not been your plan.

So higher reasoning aside, exactly what do fourteen weeks is the do? It can learn. Fourteen weeks is the can learn so many things selecting surprised. If you simply teach it what it needs to know to operate well in a human world, it would bump your socks off. Every day that Lucy and I wake up, we tell each other with hugs and kisses how happy we are that we have each other. Lucy loves humans, so much so that she almost ignores dogs. Can they make her food for her? Can they throw her ball? Her stick? Her little teddy bears?

There’s a Boundary Collie in Germany that can remember any one of two hundred and fifty toys. Mike Alda of Mash fame visited this dog for Nova on PBS. The dog has all her toys in a big stack in one room. In another room she is shown a miniature sample of the desired toy (about one 6th scale). The dog leaves, enters the room with the massive stack of assorted frogs, teddy bears, squirrels, puppets, dolls, devils, Muppets, rummaging around and returning quickly, and surprisingly, with the correct toy. She does this properly, even when it’s a new toy that she’s never seen before.

But once you’ve taught that dog human concepts, it’s no longer a canine : it’s a Canine Sapiens, a hybrid between dog and Homo Sapiens (which is Latin for Thinking Man). It cannot it’s good to know go back to the pack. Without wanting to conduct this kind of experiment, I went to The united kingdomt for two weeks and Lucy went to the run. The run is supposed to be to a reputable breeder and Lucy had her own ‘penalty box’ (cage) placed inside a three by six foot run. There were other dogs there so you’d think she’d be fine, but just read was ‘Pack Dogs’, dogs that the breeder keeps solely for mating. One barks, they all sound off. One runs around the yard, they all run around the yard. Lucy was having none today, and their primitive manoeuvres had her stressed out. When i returned to pick her up she went wild with joy! She ran around the truck about ten times barking, weeping, end wagging, face licking, and all method of expressions of love. I began to speak with the breeder about The united kingdomt but Lucy jumped into the truck with the open door and barked her head off so loud that she could not be ignored. “I guess I’m being summoned, inches I told the breeder. Man, was she happy to get out of there!