A Google Rank Tracking API is basically an online service which allows external applications (programs / web applications) to analyze the ranking of a site in Google’s search engine. It returns the actual page rank, the chosen keyword and the targeted URL. If a user wants to find out the rankings for a particular keyword, all he needs to do is to input it in the API. This query will generate a list of keywords that match the entered keyword. The returned results will include the rank, page rank and other details about the keyword. This tool is very helpful when it comes to identifying new keywords or monitoring the current keywords used by competitors.

This advanced web application helps in efficient online optimization and search optimization. As we all know, Google loves content. And the best way to create such content is through article marketing. Article marketing involves writing articles based on keyword phrases and submitting them to article directories. The best part is that you don’t need any special SEO knowledge to start off – just master the basics of SEO! The Google Rank Tracking API makes it easy for you to identify which keywords are not performing well and eliminates such misspelled or inaccurate keywords from your analysis.

Besides the initial keyword analysis, the google rank tracking api provides comprehensive reports on search engine positioning, link popularity and authority. Such detailed reports are handy for those who want to implement their own search engine marketing strategies on their websites. This is because the Google Engine Ranking report shows the percentage of visitors who come to a particular website from a specific key phrase. Similarly, the Link Popularity report lists the top websites that drive users to a particular page on an individual engine.

The Google rank checking API provides a few more benefits to users. You can use the Google Keyword tool to identify the right keywords for your internet site. There’s also an advanced keyword research tool that helps you identify the right keywords for your site. The best thing about the Rank tracker is that it provides the historical data of the most popular key phrases as well as popular combinations. The API even provides historical data on popular search phrases for each of the major engines. Finally, it also provides complete statistics on organic traffic.

The Google Rank Tracking API provides a plethora of other features, such as detailed reporting on click-through rates, bounce rates, landing pages and keywords used. It also offers customized reports for paid and non-paid campaigns. This makes it easy for marketers to monitor their PPC campaigns, SEO and ad campaigns. Such personalized reports provide insight into how their marketing efforts are performing in real time, enabling marketers to make informed decisions on their next moves.

The Google rank tracking API gives internet marketer’s one more tool to increase the efficiency of their online business. Not only does it help you monitor your PPC campaign performance, it also provides you with important analytical information on your search engine results. You can make informed decisions about your SEO strategies and easily spot your weak areas, so that you can focus on them to improve your online search engine results.